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Full Circle Healing Arts Services Offered

Naturopathic Medicine – Full Circle Healing Arts is a general family medicine practice. Most patients come in to address concerns similar to why they would see their family doctor. Examples of issues I most commonly address include sleep habits, adrenal/stress issues, digestive dysfunction, mood and emotional disorders, hormone imbalances, skin conditions, allergies and autoimmune disorders. Therapies I use in my practice include lifestyle, nutritional, and emotional counselling, nutrition through both diet and supplements, botanical medicines, and homeopathic medicines.

Services offered include:

Full physical exams for children and adults including newborn exams, breast exams and routine Pap tests, conventional lab tests provided through Lifelabs, and alternative lab tests through a variety of specialized labs.

Our Services

Women’s Medicine

With the additional training as a naturopathic midwife, a large part of my practice centers around women’s health concerns. I work with women at every point in their hormone history including initially regulating the cycle when it first begins, correcting any cycle related symptoms, preconception care, fertility issues, pregnancy, post partum, and menopausal issues. I also provide yearly physical exams including blood work, Pap tests, and breast exams. With my history of working with the whole family, I also acknowledge that women’s health concerns are not all hormonal and are often the result of the many things they are juggling in a day. My goal is to keep women’s bodies functioning optimally so that they can be at their mental and emotional best.

Our Services

Children’s Health

As a naturopathic midwife, I also gained extensive training and experience in children’s health from the newborn up to age 18. The first year of life is like no other and requires extra skills as a physician. I provide all newborn exams from birth or after being discharged from your pregnancy care provider through 2 years of age as well as addressing any newborn or infant concerns such as feeding issues, failure to thrive, digestive concerns/colic, teething, food introduction, sleep issues, and immunity. I continue yearly physical exams in children through 6 years of age and then continue to provide sports physicals once yearly exams are no longer standard of care. In younger children, eczema, asthma, digestive issues, and anxiety are common concerns that I work with frequently. School age children often present with immune system issues, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. In the high school years, the issues I see most in office include hormone regulation, digestive issues, and depression.

What Our Clients Say

I can't recommend Dr. Stephanie Hutchins enough. She's friendly, skilled and knowledgeable, and I always feel aligned and great after an appointment. If you're feeling out of line, look no further.

Sean Sotola

I tell everyone I know about this place. Dr Matthews saved me years ago and now she helps take care of our whole family. All the other staff I've met have been kind and the building is a very enjoyable place.

ME & THE 3

Always welcomed and great service.

Denver Marraty

I've been attending this clinic now for several years. The professionalism and care is second to none. If you have not checked them out and you are in need of care you won't be disappointed! Thanks Stephanie and Melanie!

Perry Penney

Fantastic care. Each practitioner I have seen is attentive and caring. It feels so great to know I have this place to go to.

Rolynda Simpson

I had a great experience at Integrated Wellness! Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. You made my first visit comfortable and relaxing. I will be coming back for sure!

Maddy Moss

We currently offer Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Graston technique, Registered Massage Therapy and Naturopathic medicine. Nestled in the heart of downtown Kamloops BC, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal health goals through a variety of different therapies.