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A Multidisciplinary Clinic with a Holistic Approach

Located conveniently downtown, Kamloops Integrated Wellness provides an integrated approach to wellness for your family. Our trained therapists approach healing by treating the body as a whole and combine multiple natural healing approaches to offer the best results, no matter your ailment.

Our team is comprised of Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), licensed chiropractors and naturopathic physicians. Depending on your ailment, you may see one or multiple team members that will work with you to address your body as a whole – not just individual symptoms.

Kamloops Integrated Wellness

Meet Our Team


Dr. Stephanie Hutchins

Dr. Hutchins spent her early years on Vancouver Island before she moved to...

Dr. Hutchins spent her early years on Vancouver Island before she moved to Vancouver where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Hutchins has always enjoyed working with people to help them optimize their function and this interest, as well as her experience working as a Kinesiologist led her to pursue a career in chiropractic care.

Dr. Hutchins graduated cum laude with her chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Hutchins has always had a strong belief that to maximize outcomes an individualized approach must be taken and she treats each patient by combining soft tissue therapies, a variety of chiropractic techniques as well as rehabilitative stretches and exercises. Dr. Hutchins has training in all levels of Active Release Technique (ART) as well as Graston Technique.

Dr. Hutchins is happy to call Kamloops her home now and enjoys the many benefits this active city has to offer.


Dr. Melanie Keith

At the age of seventeen Dr. Keith packed up her bags and headed down south to...

At the age of seventeen Dr. Keith packed up her bags and headed down south to Lindenwood University in St. Louis, Missouri to pursue her dream to play college hockey and earn her bachelor’s of science. She then continued to the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon where she completed her four year doctorate degree in chiropractic.

Dr. Keith has always maintained a passion for health and fitness and incorporates this personal philosophy into her work. She aims to help patients improve their quality of life through a combination of various chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapies, education and rehabilitative exercises.

Dr. Keith enjoys working with a wide variety of patients including infants, pregnant women and athletes. She is also a certified Active Release Techniques® (ART) and Graston technique provider.


Kate Armstrong

Kate moved to Kamloops from the coast over 7 years ago...

Kate moved to Kamloops from the coast over 7 years ago to pursue horseback riding. Since then, she has met her partner and together they are avid mountain bikers, skiers and Crossfiters. When she is not working on her health and fitness while having fun in the outdoors, Kate loves inspiring people along their own wellness journeys. In addition to being trained in NeuroKinetic Therapy, she is also working on her craniosacral training. From chronic pain to sports injuries, concussions or postural dysfunction, Kate treats a wide variety of conditions. Kate is passionate about massage therapy and strives to make a difference in each and every one of her client’s lives.
Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Jennifer Matthews

Dr Jennifer Matthews is both a naturopathic physician and a trained midwife with...

Dr Jennifer Matthews is both a naturopathic physician and a trained midwife with the natural family medicine practice Full Circle Healing Arts within Kamloops Integrated Wellness, a multidisciplary clinic in Kamloops, BC.

Dr Matthews was first introduced to natural medicine while staying in the family home of a friend in Manilla, Philipines while on an around the world trip. She found the use of herbs wrapped around the neck with a scarf to control asthma and a specific type of shell in the ear to control vertigo fascinating. It was also in Manilla where she was first introduced to Craniosacral therapy. Later when her travelling partner came down with typhoid fever, they sought out both mainstream medicine and local natural healers in the Philipines and Thailand for treatment.

On returning back to Canada, Dr Matthews started her undergraduate degree in biology and organic chemistry at UCC (now TRU). While in undergraduate studies, she worked in a local organic market where she found The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. It was this book that led her to find out more about ‘the farm’ and was her introduction to Ina May Gaskin. From that point on, Dr Matthews knew that natural pregnancy and childbirth would be part of her Naturopathic training.


Lonna Neill

Lonna was raised in Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan till she was...

Lonna was raised in Northern Manitoba/Saskatchewan till she was 23, spending lots of time outdoors and having a huge heart for helping people. This led her to pursue a career in Massage Therapy here in BC. Lonna studied at OVCMT in Vernon and fell in love with all the great outdoors BC has to offer. After graduating in 2009 she found a placement at a golf resort and a private clinic then, relocated to Kamloops in 2011.

Lonna’s approach to Massage Therapy is to treat the body as a whole and help her clients with as much knowledge as possible. You can expect a through postural exam as well as muscle testing and range of motion to determine which muscles should be treated to have the best possible outcome. Learning new techniques and applying that knowledge is a goal for Lonna to further help her clients. With a client base from chronic pain sufferers to sports massage and injuries, it keeps her career interesting and exciting.

Lonna is very excited to be a part of the team here at Kamloops Integrated Wellness and many more years in the friendly Kamloops BC.


Alexis Tuyttens

Alexis was born and raised in Kamloops, BC, and has been an active...

Alexis was born and raised in Kamloops, BC, and has been an active member of our soccer community for over 25 years. It was during athletics and through personal injuries that she first experienced the profound benefits of therapeutic massage. She became passionate about helping others on their journey to recovery and enrolled in school to become an RMT. She graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in 2017, where she gained experience treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, neurological and systemic disorders.
During a treatment with Alexis, you can expect a thorough interview and assessment process in order to create an effective treatment plan best suited to your needs. A supportive homecare routine, including tips and exercises, will also be given that will aid in your healing process. Overall wellness and treating clients holistically are the foundation of Alexis’ practice. She combines a range of skills, including myofascial release, neuromuscular, muscle energy and deep tissue techniques to treat a wide variety of injuries and dysfunctions. She enjoys continuing to learn and taking courses to keep her practise multifaceted and current.
Alexis is enthusiastic about helping individuals in her community reach their optimal health. She is warm and welcoming, and provides the most effective treatment for her clients through patient centered care.
Office Manager/Reception


Originally from Calgary, Cassie came to Kamloops 10 years ago...

Originally from Calgary, Cassie came to Kamloops 10 years ago to attend TRU for a degree in psychology. Eventually meeting her spouse and settling roots, Cassie is proud to call Kamloops home.

In contrast to her coworkers, you’re more likely to find Cassie inside, with her nose in a book. The outdoors just isn’t for everyone!

With years of experience in customer service and reception, Cassie has made her career as a people person, and is always striving to make sure everyone leaves happy and feeling well taken care of.

Kamloops Integrated Wellness

What Sets Us Apart

Flexible Hours:

Open evenings and weekends to help work around your schedule.

Online Booking Services:

We offer online booking to make it more convenient for you to see upcoming appointments, add yourself to waitlists, access past invoices and set appointment reminders.

Direct Billing:

We will direct bill almost every major insurance company in order to reduce stress and our patients’ out of pocket expenses.

Kamloops Integrated Wellness

Health Options Tailored to Your Needs

No matter your health goals, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve success using a variety of different therapies. We currently offer Chiropractic services, Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Graston technique, Registered Massage Therapy and naturopathic medicine. We successfully treat:

  • Rehabilitation after sport injuries, car accidents, etc.
  • After-surgery rehabilitation
  • Range of motion issues
  • Sprains and strains
  • Acute neck and back pain
  • And more
Kamloops Integrated Wellness

We Also Offer:

  • Nutrition assessments
  • Homeopathic, craniosacral, and physical medicine
  • Conventional and alternative lab testing
  • Women’s medicine
  • Children’s health

Our goal is to offer you the natural care your family needs to heal and grow in a natural, sustainable way.

What Our Clients Say

I can't recommend Dr. Stephanie Hutchins enough. She's friendly, skilled and knowledgeable, and I always feel aligned and great after an appointment. If you're feeling out of line, look no further.

Sean Sotola

I tell everyone I know about this place. Dr Matthews saved me years ago and now she helps take care of our whole family. All the other staff I've met have been kind and the building is a very enjoyable place.

ME & THE 3

Always welcomed and great service.

Denver Marraty

I've been attending this clinic now for several years. The professionalism and care is second to none. If you have not checked them out and you are in need of care you won't be disappointed! Thanks Stephanie and Melanie!

Perry Penney

Fantastic care. Each practitioner I have seen is attentive and caring. It feels so great to know I have this place to go to.

Rolynda Simpson

I had a great experience at Integrated Wellness! Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. You made my first visit comfortable and relaxing. I will be coming back for sure!

Maddy Moss

We currently offer Chiropractic, Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Graston technique, Registered Massage Therapy and Naturopathic medicine. Nestled in the heart of downtown Kamloops BC, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal health goals through a variety of different therapies.